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Cooking Class in English and French

We will cook a starter, a main course and a dessert. Depending on your tastes, you can choose from our calendar whether you would prefer to learn traditional cuisine de terroir, or a more contemporary French cuisine that we can share together with a glass of French wine at the end of the course. I will recommend my favorite places in Paris for high quality products. 

Class duration : 3h30
Price : 118 €

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Market Visit

I will accompany you to the local market of Batignolles and introduce you to its best craftsmen. You will learn how to select the best products of the season. Then we will go back to my workshop to cook an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Wine is always included in the meal, and we wind down the afternoon with coffee or tea. I will share my knowledge of Paris as an authentic Parisian and you will share your own stories about where you are from. 
The market visit can be added to any cooking class. Send me an email to let me know if you're interested.

Class duration : 4h15
Price : 158 €

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